PRESS ROOM AUTOMATION releases its rst “3 in 1”, which combines a decoiler and astraigthener-feeder driven via servo motor. It targets manufacturers seeking a simple, robust and safe press feeding line with decent performances.

  • Decoiler with variable drive & loop control system.
  • 3 or 4 jaw self-centring manual expanding mandrel of welded and stabilized steel.
  • Rotation jog mode from main control box.
  • Pneumatic Hold-down (Optional snubber and peeler assembly for threading is available on request).
  • 6 quick removable coil retaining arm-keepers, adjustable depending on the strip width.

  • NC Servo Straightener Cum Feeder
    Stabilized Steel frame construction.
  • Cascade Rollers @ Entry.
  • Gear driven feed roll to ensure non-slip positive feeding.
  • Straightener Head consisting of 7 nos Straightening Rollers, 1 Pair of Pitch Roller & 1 Pair of Feeder rollers are provided at entry & exit respectively.
  • All upper rolls are individually adjusted with mechanical leadscrews and bevel gearings. The level of upper rolls penetration is shown by position indicators.
  • Power transmission to the other straightening rolls via precision spur gears.
  • Pneumatic actuated lifting of the set of upper rolls in synchronism with the forming machine to allow entry & self-centring of the strip when working with dies with automatic centering devices (pilot release).
  • Exit Width Guide Assembly.
  • Permanently sealed precision roll bearings, no lubrication required.
  • Motorisation through one brushless servo motor & precision gear box.
  • Crocodile opening of the head by lever, for safe & easy roll cleaning, and easy strip insertion.
  • Manual height adjustment by hydraulic jack +/- 50 mm of pass-line.

  • Specifications :
    Model A-300 A-400 B-400
    Width (mm) 300 mm 400 mm 400 mm
    Thickness (mm) 0.5 - 2.0 mm 0.5 - 1.8 mm 0.7 - 3.0 mm
    Max Coil Weight 1000 Kg 2500 Kg 3000 Kg
    Straitening Capacity / Width 2.0 x 300 mm 1.8 x 400 mm 3.0 x 400 mm
    Coil OD 1200 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm
    Coil ID 430 - 480 508 508
    Features Manual
    Line Speed (Max) 18 18 15

    Highend Fully Automatic Models with Coil Car, Hydraulic Jaw Expansion, Snubber, Peeler, Pre-Pinch, Auto Side Guide etc are available on request.

    The above parameters are for the material having tensile strength 40kgf/mm² max. Models of higher capacity or higher or lower line speeds are available on request.

    Technical specifications are indicative and subject to change to suit end application.