Instruction of the equipment

Application of equipment: - It is used picking for the stamping parts automatically, and transfer the work piece between different processes in a certain order to complete the continuous automatic stamping production.

Note:The equipment is continuous automatically type, different pneumatic may be configured for different products, and relevant fixtures and accessories may be replaced in the process.

Principle of equipment

Servo motor drive the timming belt guide mechanism, so as to drive the arm to move; Vacuum Cup for product absorption or Pneumatic Gripper for product gripping is to pick the stamping parts.

Punch (Oil press)the slider rises → up materials → the actuator left-handed rotation from origin → actuator down move → Vacuum Cup Starts OR Pneumatic Gripper Clamps → actuator up move → actuator right-handed rotation → actuator down move → Vacuum Cup Stops OR Pneumatic Gripper Unclamps → actuator up move → actuator left-handed rotation to origin. The transfer cycle time of actuator is 3.5-4s per time. No scratches on the outer surface of the component.

Mechanical Features
  • Servo motor drive up-down stroke
  • Servo motor drive left-right stroke
  • Vacuum Cup Or Pneumatic Gripper pick up the production
  • Automatic positioning
  • AAutomatic carry
  • Automatic outputting
  • System connected with machine control
  • Automatic fault alarm
  • Operating protection
  • Automatic controlling
  • Manual control

  • Description of equipment composition system

    The equipment is made up of rack section, feeding part, assembly part, control system and protect system.

    Main Specification






    0.35 TO 0.8

    All above equipments are designed for Line speed of 12-15 Mtrs. Per Minute.

    Models of higher capacity or Higher or Lower Line speeds are available on request.

    Technical specifications are indicative and subject to change to suit end application.