Spray Lubricators

Precise, Uniform Oil Coverage

The Spray Lubrication System provides exact lubrication control for can and tab stamping processes. This unique system utilizes Low Volume Low Pressure technology to apply a fine, even film of lubricant to metal stock.

The compact guns easily fit inside the press window and are cost-effective replacements for messy. inefficient pads and rollers. Each system includes two precision spray guns. one lubricant reservoir and the controller which regulates air pressure, lubricant now and controls gun operation.

  • Provides exact lubrication control.
  • Reduces oil use by up to 90%.
  • Significantly lowers reject rates.
  • Extends toollile.
  • Increased Press Speed because of reduction of Slug Pulling & Die Packing.
  • Features
  • Compact design; easy to install.
  • Unique design uses Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology. Applies lubricant without waste, mist or overspray.
  • Independent, instant response fluid now controls for each gun. Once set, oil coverage stays consistent without further adjustment.

  • Specification

    Following models are available depending on applications

    Strip & Coil Lubrication Systems
  • Electro-pneumatic System Fbr Continuous Lubrication (EPe 4 Point. EPC 8 Point, EPC model from 400 to 2000 mrn width)
  • Electronic Spray Lubrication (LCP model from 400 to 2600 mm width, MCPX !rom 400 to 2000 mm width)
  • Sector spray lubrication system (SAGOMA from 1000 to 4000 rnm width)

  • Section Lubricating Systems (Pipe & Rectangle)
  • Pipe & Section spray Lubrication System (LCP Autirust from 5 to 400 mm section)
  • Pipe Cleaning System

  • Precision Lubrication System for Cutting blade

    Dei Tronic has supplied Lubricating Solution to various industrial sections like
  • Press / Coil Feeding Lines.
  • Rolling Mills
  • Blanks Lubrication (or Automobile panel, HVAC panel. etc.
  • Extends toollile.
  • Tube Mills
  • Stamping & Formating Parts
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • Cutting Blade And Any others