Scandinavian Robotics AB have a long experience of robot systems that started within Transman AB which has delivered about 200 gantry robots for many different applications through the last 20 years.

In the year of 2000, Transman delivered a set-up robot to Krupp Thyssen in Germany. The concept was developed further during several years and related to that Scandinavian Robotics AB was founded by Johnny Andersson together with the investment company Kvarnen AB.

In 2008 the first robot built on the new concept and delivered to Lamiere Tagliate in Italy, and in 2011 we delivered a robot to Tresoldi Metalli in Italy

In the beginning of 2012 we delivered a complete robot with two washing machines to Hagener Feinblech Service GmbH in Germany.

Main Features

Simple, lightweight and robust design based on standard components

The design allows for short cycle times even when handling larger and heavier spacers. The robot has few moving parts and thus requires little service. Most of the spares that may be needed can be purchased locally. Due to the simplicity of its design, the robot can be serviced entirely by your own personnel, after only a brief spell of training

The robot and magazine are an integrated unit.

The benefi ts are many; including the fact that the entire robot cell can be completed and all functions can be comprehensively tested before delivery, without the need for dismantling before shipment. The installation time is thus short and inexpensive, and operating disturbances are therefore minimized. The robot is fully integrated, which guarantees close dimensional tolerances, since the spacers and cutters are always dust-free.

All parts are easily replaceable

Great emphasis has been placed on making all parts easily replaceable, in order to facilitate service work and reduce production stoppages to a minimum.

Control system

The control system consists of an industrial PC running Windows XP© communicating with a PLC system from Bosch Rexroth© via Ethernet. The PLC system performs all the time critical jobs independently of the PC and handles servo drives, safety system, identifi cation system, gripping tool, valves, sensors etc. The safety system is built around a separate safety PLC system and is therefore easy to adapt to external equipments.